Environment compatible water treatment products.

Protection and passivization of all ferrous and non ferrous metal surfaces.

Industrial Wastewater

Wastewater Treatment Chemicals, environmentally friendly industrial cleaners and sanitizers.

Steam Boiler Plants

Keeping boiler systems free of corrosion and deposits during the technological process.

Water Cooling Towers

Full range of corrosion and scale inhibitors, as well as dispersants available for cooling water systems / towers.

District Heating Systems

Water treatment for heating systems with domestic hot water production, products meant to prevent of iron oxide deposits.
Ready to replace the traditional method of water treatment inside your facility? We have the solution!
OPTAMIN represents a high performance range of water treatment products with increased effect in removing old deposits and fighting corrosion in metal environments. A mixture of polyamines and polyacrylates acting as a barrier between the metal and water, ready for systems of any pressure and temperature.